Quality and environmental policy

Satisfied customers are the most important goal of our quality policy.
In order to implement this, we continuously define and improve the quality of our transport services and are always open to suggestions and criticism from our customers.

As GROO, we also recognized early on that the long-term positive development of our company can only go hand in hand with environmentally conscious thinking and action. Accordingly, the principle of our environmental policy is to use natural resources sparingly in all our activities and to reduce or even avoid harmful effects on our environment.

Quality policy

We see it as our forwarding mission to offer our customers optimal and customized transport services in the field of container trucking. The principle of our quality policy is to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We achieve and maintain this principle by constantly improving our transportation services.
We define the quality of our service on the basis of transparent and verifiable criteria, which is why we have defined our quality objectives as follows:

To ensure that quality targets are met, all quality and safety-related activities, from management to scheduling, are planned, controlled and constantly monitored. Every single one of our employees contributes to achieving our quality goals with their qualifications, personal commitment, passion and entrepreneurial thinking. Our employees play a constructive role in our quality policy and error prevention. They always take care to identify sources of error and eliminate them by correcting processes.

Environmental policy

Crane in forest loading logs in the truck. Timber harvesting and transportation in forest

We regard environmentally conscious thinking and action as a natural obligation towards our fellow human beings and the environment. It is of great importance for the sustainable and positive development of our company.

Our environmental policy is based on the careful use of natural resources and the avoidance or reduction of harmful effects on the environment.

To implement our environmental guidelines, we comply with the relevant legislation. We regularly inform our employees about our goals, measures and results in the area of environmental protection. Through their personal commitment and responsibility, every employee contributes to the
implementation of the environmental targets.


Ksenia Weiss

Contact person for quality and environmental policy

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